The Top Beaches In Britain

The Top Beaches In Britain

In case you believe Britain is all complex architecture and listed buildings you come in for a shock. Blighty has some lovely countryside and incredible beaches. This article will let you know where to find the greatest British beaches. The places I visited as a young child and carry on to see to-day. Their are a few things we want to do at the seaside in Britain and that is eat fish and chips with plenty of salt and vinegar and enjoy an ice-cream and maybe bring a stick of stone or a sugar dummy home also.

Our seasides are a terrific place for a good time and with great funfairs, donkeys and beautiful coastlines there are plenty of seaside towns to see in the UK.

Formby Beach
The beach at Formby is one of the prettiest in the United Kingdom. Situated in the North of England in Freshfields, Liverpool, Formby beach is a long strech of gold sand with sand dunes plus a national trust woods to boot. The forest has a few of the only red squirells in the United Kingdom. Should you just fancy a day on the beach and a wander round lush woodland you'll adore Formby. There is an ice-cream truck which sells icecream and teas as well as public toilets but there is not much else here. So be sure you bring a picnic in case you are intending to spend the day here. It's well worth the visit and o-n a summer's day It's the ideal place to catch some rays and build a sandcastle o-r even choose a dip in the ocean.

You can walk to Southport down Formby beach and in the event you visualize the half hour stroll it really is worth it. Southport has fairground rides and the right gift shops where you are able to purchase British rock and presents.

In the event that you like friendly locals, quaint white houses, picturesque scenery and surfing then you'll adore Devon. Located in the south of England Devon is really a quaint sea-side town with great hinkley point accommodation and fresh air. The beach at Slapton Sands is shingle therefore it's not ideal for building sandcastles but in the event that you want to get away from it all and perhaps catch some waves this is a great place to do it. There is ocean on one side of the beach and a freshwater lake to the other and it's just amazing.

St Ives
It seems as old as the hills that rise steeply from it, but this ageing hipsters' town in western Cornwall still has what it takes; two amazing art galleries, picturesque cobbled roads, pubs that serve scrumpy powerful enough to make you fall over after having a pint and needless to say certainly one of the loveliest bays in UK it also has some marvelous hotels.

Porthcurno, Cornwall
Cornwall is well known for friendly locals, great surfing and lovely locals and that is undoubtedly one of the greatest. It is a golden bay with sparkling blue water and a granite cliff backdrop. It is excellent for a somerset accommodation your family as it is simple to make it to and beautifully clean. Go at low tide and also you can take a stroll to some of the other surrounding beaches.

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