Hatchimals Toy Review

Hatchimals Toy Review

Hatchimals is billed as THE toy for Christmas by SpinMaster (makers of Paw Patrol, so they should know a thing or two about toys!) and we have been fortunate to get our fingers on one to review.

There are ‘species’ to select from – Penguala or Draggle – but you don’t know what your Hatchimal is going to really appear to be until it’s hatched!

As quickly as it’s taken from its packaging the hatching process starts to work. There are noises coming from the egg, lights begin to flash inside, it’s all very real! Then when the pecking starts it’s fairly cool!

Each ‘hatch’ should take about 20 – half-hour, and its executed by protecting the egg shifting, or rubbing it and normal movement. So the children must work together with the egg otherwise it won’t hatch.

Picture the scene….
Christmas Day, an Egg is discovered underneath the tree. It gurgles and flashes, it’s then passed from little one to mum, to auntie to Dad, from Grandma back to the child who each have a giggle & a shake because the egg starts to hatch.

Might this be what they imply by a really interactive toy?!

Our Hatchimal took little longer than 30 minutes to hatch, if I’m trustworthy (over an hour, so fairly a bit longer!) however to her credit Mademoiselle didn’t give up. The egg continued to flash & squeak and she or he persevered, and the process was amazing considering it’s just a toy!

After which ‘Cubby’ was born – the name Mademoiselle has given to her Hatchimal and he or she has been smitten since!

From the second it hatches it really is interactive, and it doesn’t want an App or iPads to make it work, which is a real bonus! Subsequent, it was as much as Mademoiselle to rear her Hatchimal.

All hatchimals what does it do; Read the Full Write-up, start life as a baby and the more you care for it the quicker it grows up – going from baby to toddler to baby – and the more skills and games it unlocks.

Oh, Those Eyes!
Just with any newborn, it’s all in the eyes with Hatchimal. They’re massive, flashing and it’s the toy’s primary mode of communication.

I feel we obtained the one in a thousand which didn’t want to hatch on schedule! So this process took some time and Little Mister was turned off by this. Nonetheless, Mademoiselle was stoic, but she’s that kind of girl.

If this occurred on Christmas day surrounded by different toys I’m unsure she would persevere.

However it was definitely worth the wait or the value tag at £59.ninety nine*

Mademoiselle (who’s now 8yo) loves Cubby and has performed together with her Hatchimal loads and consists of it in her play with other toys – very like you would a pet. And Little Mister has too, despite the long hatching process.

It’s not the most cuddly of toys because of the mechanism inside so I wouldn’t suggest you go to bed along with your Hatchimal, however it's super cute and really interactive, which makes it a winner in our eyes!

So, the Eyes have it – they captivate you and you quickly fall in love along with your hatched Hatchimal.

It’s a thumbs up from us!